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StormSecure Screens 

Heavy duty cut-proof screens. A Special Feature Allows for security from the outside and easy emergency exit from the inside. This form of protection passes all requirements for the Hurricane Protection Building Codes including Miami/Dade and Texas Insurance Codes. And they never have to be taken down because they can be seen through. These Heavy Duty Screens prevent break-ins and offer a great degree of Security.

Roll Down

​​The Roll-Down shutter system is the supreme protection from the most severe storm. Roll-Downs have custom made frames of high grade extruded aluminum. They can be manually closed or motor driven from inside or out. They are the easiest way to prepare for a storm and remain completely secure. They are permanent fixtures so add to the appraisal value of your home.

Featured Products

We will supply Products and Engineering Data with advice for do-it-yourself installations. ​

View photo examples of our previous work in the gallery below, or contact us for more information. We do complete installations or can supply Engineering Data for Self-Install.


Accordion Shutter Systems have been the time tested answer in areas of extreme weather. Used on many balconies of the high rises on the Florida coast. Vertical aluminum blades link to form a strong and secure protection against even high velocity winds. They remain in place for quick and easy closure. Mid-range pricing and available in several colors.

Bahama and Colonial Shutters

These heavy duty shutters are the strongest in the industry and designed for maximum strength against high velocity winds and projectiles. Even though they require no solid backing, they surpass all impact and pressure standards. Blades when open allow light, view and airflow. Easy open and close with interior or exterior locking systems. They are available in a choice of colors in a powder coat finish. We carry 4 different Bahama designs to meet customer preferences. Colonial Shutters also come in the popular “Board n Batten” design.


Lexan is a clear storm shield system and the strongest against projectiles and flying debris. Made by GE of polycarbonate then heat formed with corrugations to increase strength and help dissipate pressures inside hurricane force winds. The full view system means that they can stay in place after a storm if need be. GE offers a 10 year guarantee against breakage. They are stackable for use of minimal storage space.

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